Nuevo Casas Grandes, Mexico

About This City:

Nuevo Casas Grandes, a city of 80,000, was founded in the 1870’s. It is situated in a wide, fertile valley on the 4,000 foot Mesa del Norte of the Plateau of Mexico in the central part of the Chihuahua State. Nearby are the Sierra Madre Occidental (Rocky Mountains) and the Casas Grandes River. Many of the region’s inhabitants are of Native American ethnic groups closely related to our own southwest cultures.

The area around Nuevo Casas Grandes is noted for its great historical and archaeological heritage. Five miles southwest of Nuevo Casas Grandes is the most important archaeological site in northern Mexico, including the Casas Grandes Archaeological Zone and the Paquime Archaeological Zone highlighted by the new Paquime Museum. Nuevo Casas Grandes is also world famous for the nearby ‘potter village’ of Mata Ortiz and its revival of pottery in the ancient Paquime tradition. To see more of Mata Ortiz click here. Also nearby are a Mormon village, Mennonite communities, and apple and pecan orchards.

Nuevo Casas Grandes Committee Chair Welcome Letter

Through the past 10 years there has been a lot of activity with our friends in Nuevo Casas Grandes. As you can see from photos posted on this web site there have been art project exchanges, gifts of school buses and furniture, gifts of fire trucks and equipment, and gifts of computers for rural schools. All of these things, mostly made possible with Rotary Club Foundation grants, have stimulated added economic development in our Sister City. Children have more opportunity and the city is better protected against the ravages of fire. The giving has gone both ways. Nuevo Casas Grandes has assisted us with a dental project in Colorado Springs for indigent children here. We want to continue our relationship with them by looking for new ways to engage in these across the border opportunities. If Mexico is stronger we both benefit.