Kaohsiung, Taiwan

About This City:

Facing the Taiwan Strait on the west and the Bashi Channel on the south, Kaohsiung is a beautiful and modern metropolis located in southwestern Taiwan. Possessing all kinds of natural landscapes and living facilities, Kaohsiung City is an important international hub for Taiwan. Sitting between Cijin Island and downtown, the Port of Kaohsiung is the world-class port in Taiwan as well as a hub for international trade. It has a complete air and marine transportation network port and industries of logistics, financial insurance, and services such as the center of talent incubation and technology R&D.  Kaohsiung County owns a variety of agricultural resources as well as industrial and high-technology parks. This subtropical city boasts its brilliant sunshine and gentle breeze from the passionate sea. Kaohsiung’s mountain and ocean scenery is rich and varied, and has a high touristic and economic value. Kaohsiung, a city of glamour, not only has unique features of the mountains, sea, river, and port, but also possesses a rich art and culture, friendly people and beautiful cityscape. The Chengcing Lake and the Lotus Pond to the southwest of Banpingshan are both popular recreational sites, as well as the famous Love River which flows across the city. Kaohsiung City gets more sunshine than any other place in Taiwan, with an annual average of nearly 200 hours per month.  There is a dry season that lasts six months from October through March. There are typhoons season from July to September.

Kaohsiung Committee Chair – Amy Cowden

Colorado Springs became sister cities with Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1983. Since then Kaohsiung and Colorado Springs have engaged in a variety of economic and cultural exchange and educational exchanges. The relationship between our two cities has found ways to experience and appreciate the beauty of each other’s culture. In August of 2014, Colorado Springs Sister Cities International offered Kaohsiung support after a series of gas pipeline explosions. Our two cities greatly look forward to continuing this important friendship.