Canterbury-Bankstown, Australia

About This City:

Bankstown is a suburb of south-western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Bankstown has one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Australia and is considered as one of the most multicultural areas in the country with over 60 different languages spoken. Bankstown is the seat of major industry including the aviation, engineering and maintenance at Bankstown Airport.  With a sub-tropical climate, citizens love taking advantage of the nice weather by spending time outdoors.

Bankstown Committee Chair Statement

The long-standing relationship between Bankstown, Australia and Colorado Springs was born in a joint appreciation of athletic excellence during the 2000 Olympic Games, held in Sydney, Australia. Since the establishment as sister cities in 2001, our two cities have engaged in a variety of cultural exchanges. With a strong foundation of a shared passion for both the arts and athleticism, we hope to continue to maintain this important friendship with the vibrant and bustling city of Bankstown.